For Employees

Track Your Time With Ease

  • Quickly and easily record time on and off the job. Pay ‘n Time can be customized to work the way you work—whether you use physical time clocks, mobile devices and/or a web clock, Pay ‘n Time has you covered.
  • Record/collect time (punches) using a mobile device, PC and/or a physical time clock.
  • Log-in and review current and past timesheets.
  • Request time-off from a PC, timeclock or mobile device.
  • Review your time-off request status and details for all your time-off balances.
  • Access all of your information using convenient mobile apps (iOS and Android).


Get Your Own Payroll Data

  • Important payroll information is yours at the click of a button. Just login to your own secure account and access updated information where and when you need it. Pay ‘n Time is a web-based system that gives you the freedom of 24/7 access.
  • View/print your current and past pay stubs.
  • View/print your current and past W2s.
  • Update personal information including your contact information, emergency contacts and more (if your company administrator allows).


Gain Direct Access to HR Information and Related Documents

  • Pay ‘n Time empowers employees! Employees can access their personal HR information and not have to bother the HR department with questions!
  • Enroll in benefits from the same log-in used for timekeeping and payroll data.
  • Access current and past performance reviews.
  • Find and review information about health insurance plans and retirement plans.
  • Access corporate manuals, policies and employee-specific documents.
  • Update personal information, emergency contacts, benefit plan beneficiaries and more.