For Managers

Manage People Instead Of Paperwork

Relevant information right at your fingertips to help you manage more efficiently.

  • Monitor and review employee timesheets each pay period on ONE SCREEN.
  • View punches in real-time, and receive alerts when employees are nearing overtime.
  • See who's in or out in real time from our electronic attendance board.
  • Check time-off and timesheet change requests submitted online by your employees. They are all in one place for you to approve or reject.
  • Create schedules online and automate shift changes using pre-defined rules for required skills and schedule constraints.
  • And do it all from any device!

Get Better Control of Your Labor Costs

Cost of labor is usually a business' largest single expense. Pay 'n Time Human Capital Management System's Time & Labor Management module allows managers to be more productive than ever by providing the tools to efficiently do their job.

  • Have labor reports with gross wage costs automatically sent to managers so they can make adjustments in time to stay in budget.
  • Review your favorite custom report from your electronic "dashboard" to quickly see labor costs by location and department.
  • Create your own custom reports and export to Excel for even more analysis and budgeting analysis.