The Pay 'n Time Newsletter - February 2021

In this issue:

  • Pay 'n Time's UKG Ready System is multi-lingual by employee.
  • ERTC - it isn't just for Non-PPP businesses any more!
  • Timesheets get a new, more mobile-friendly look.
  • Specify the date/time that a broadcast message will be sent.
  • No Charge Feature: Keep basic employee HR information all in one place, with your payroll records.

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INTRODUCING - The Pay 'n Time Newsletter - December 2020 Installment

We've received a few… I won't call them 'complaints'... more like strong suggestions, from our clients regarding the need to do a better job informing you about new products and features, and tips and tricks for how you can better utilize the software to make you more efficient, profitable, and better-equipped to face today's payroll and HR battles! So, consider this the first installment of a recurring newsletter we intend to use to communicate these sorts of things. As always, we LOVE your feedback, and hope you will comment on the content contained herein.

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