The Pay 'n Time Newsletter - February 2021

In this issue:

  • Pay 'n Time's UKG Ready System is multi-lingual by employee.
  • ERTC - it isn't just for Non-PPP businesses any more!
  • Timesheets get a new, more mobile-friendly look.
  • Specify the date/time that a broadcast message will be sent.
  • No Charge Feature: Keep basic employee HR information all in one place, with your payroll records.

New Features and New Offers from Pay 'n Time

  • New Look Timesheets - Now more mobile friendly than ever. For those who use our timekeeping system, employee timesheets have become even more mobile friendly. In addition, you can expand and collapse each day, and attach documents to a timesheets as well. Spoiler Alert: Employee Information Profiles will be getting an improved facelift this month as well!
  • Attach a document to a Time-Off Request. Now employees can attach a document to a time-off request. This could be things like a doctor's note for sick time, a death certificate for bereavement time, etc...
  • Schedule Delivery of Broadcast Messages. Admins or managers can now send a Broadcast Message to employees either using an existing template or by creating a new message, allowing them to communicate in a faster way through the system. When sending out a Broadcast Message to employees, the option to specify when to send (Date and Time) the message is now available in the Schedule section.
  • Don't forget!! You and your employees can learn more about how to use the software via online training tools and learning plans. Did you know that free online training is available so you can better use the software to your advantage? When logged in, just go to My Info > Help > My Learning, where you can access customized learning plans and training tools on all the aspects of the system that you are currently enrolled in.

Industry Information - Updates You Can Use

Did you catch the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) "enhancement" in the last COVID Relief law passed in December 2020? If not, you may be interested to know that the requirement to have not received a PPP Loan has been lifted. This means you can go back retroactively to 2Q 2020 and apply for this benefit. You likely qualify if your revenue was down quarter-over-quarter in 2020 vs. the same quarter in 2019. To apply, simply calculate and let us know the eligible wage and health insurance amounts for lines 21 and 22 on the IRS Form 941 Quarterly Payroll Tax Return. [HINT - you may want to ask your CPA for some help with this.] There is a fee for amended tax returns, but the benefit FAR outweighs the fee!

Tips and Tricks - Ways you can do more with what you already have today

Our basic payroll platform contains numerous fields and capabilities that can be used as a very basic HR system. A few example include

  • Account Contacts - Keep track of your employees' emergency contacts, beneficiaries, and dependents.
  • Document Storage System. File all of your employees' documents in our safe, secure cloud storage.
  • Manage and view your organization and report via an organization chart.
  • Track employee demographics, such as gender, ethnicity, citizenship, etc.
  • Track many other items via customizable "Extra" fields.
  • Of course, if you need a full-fledged HR Information System, our Ready Platform can be expanded from just a payroll system, to add timekeeping, Scheduling, and HR capabilities. Please ask us and we will be happy to share!

Multi-lingual Employees? Not a problem. You can designate which language each of your employees will see when they login online or via the mobile app. Available options are:

  • Spanish
  • French (Parisian and Canadian)
  • English (US, UK, Australian)
  • Dutch