Employee New Hire and Changes

We offer two options for supplying employee information:

1. Pay 'n Time's Workforce Management System provides the ability for you to login and enter employee information directly. To see a set of instructions for "Hiring" an employee in the system, login and go to Our Company > Service Provider Documents.

2. If you would prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, here is a link to the paper form package.

Employee New Hire / Change Forms

**** Remember, there are many, many additional requirements upon hiring an employee - especially in California. We provide a fairly comprehensive checklist you can use to help you navigate these murky waters. Simply login to the system and go to Our Company > Service Provider Documents. Look for "California New Hire Checklist". More general new hire checklist information can be found on the HR Support Center.

Form I-9 - We do not need this form or the referenced supporting documentation. However, YOU DO need to keep it on file including copies of supporting documentation.

Some states require a state-specific Withholding Allowance Form. If your employee is in one of these states, your employee needs to fill out one of these forms IN ADDITION to the basic employee form package above.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form - Use this form if you are adding or changing employee direct deposit information. If this is for a new hire, this form is included in the New Hire forms.