INTRODUCING - The Pay 'n Time Newsletter - December 2020 Installment

We've received a few… I won't call them 'complaints'... more like strong suggestions, from our clients regarding the need to do a better job informing you about new products and features, and tips and tricks for how you can better utilize the software to make you more efficient, profitable, and better-equipped to face today's payroll and HR battles! So, consider this the first installment of a recurring newsletter we intend to use to communicate these sorts of things. As always, we LOVE your feedback, and hope you will comment on the content contained herein.

New Features and New Offers from Pay 'n Time

Something we hear more often than we'd like is, "Gee, I didn't know Pay 'n Time could do that!" Most of you know that Pay 'n Time is an authorized partner of UKG (formerly Kronos). For the past several years, UKG has been investing heavily in it's "Ready" platform - to the tune of literally hundreds of millions of dollars each year! So, in this section of the newsletter, we are about to start letting you know more about that - beginning NOW!

  • It's not just a payroll platform. The Ready platform is industry-leading, single user experience software for payroll, timekeeping, scheduling, and HR information / automation. Fun fact - 25% of our current clients who have non-owner employees currently utilize our timekeeping module. The depth of the capabilities Ready offers as a one-stop platform is truly unmatched! If you are interested in hearing more about this now, let us know. Otherwise, you will see more announced in 2021.
  • You can now have notifications via Text / SMS messages. We've always provided the ability for employees, administrators, and department managers to receive email notification when certain events occur - like Johnny Smith just submitted his timesheet, or 'Sally, your time-off request was approved." We recently added the ability for these notifications to be sent via text / SMS. In addition, when using our awesome new mobile app (HMCToGo), these notifications can automatically alert you through the app on your phone.
  • Attach Documents in Time Off Request Pop-Up. Attaching Documents to a Time Off request was a customer idea that became one of our latest enhancements in the December 2020 release. A new setting has been added to the Default Settings widget. Once it is enabled, employees can attach documents to their request by clicking the paper clip icon displayed on the request pop-up. This enhancement is extremely useful if employees need to submit certain documentation - a doctor's note, a wedding announcement, or an obituary - in order to qualify for paid time off. During the holidays, some organizations may also require documentation in order to take days off in general, since it's such a busy time of year. If you would like to add this feature at no charge, PLEASE let us know!
  • Learn more about how to use the software - online training tools and learning plans. Did you know that free online training is available so you can better use the software to your advantage? When logged in, just go to My Info > Help > My Learning, where you can access customized learning plans and training tools on all the aspects of the system that you are currently enrolled in.

Industry Information - Updates You Can Use

Are you still keeping paper records? If so, this is for you. We used to say "auditors always want the paper." That is no longer the case. In an audit situation, businesses are now asked to upload files to auditors online. So, now, if you get audited, you would have to scan all that paper in order to upload it. Just thinking about that process makes one tired! Especially in a COVID pandemic world, and one with tools like Google Drive, paper just does not make sense any more. If you are still receiving paper - and that includes paper checks - ask us how we can help you eliminate it! (BTW, this goes for paperless billing, paperless bank statements - everything!)

Tips and Tricks - Ways you can do more with what you already have today

  • There is a search bar at the top of the hamburger menu. Ever tried entering an employee's first or last name - or even a partial name - in it? It will take you right to that employee's information screen. Oh, and this little icon... that's called "Quicklinks." It will take you directly to other information about the employee, like Pay Statement History, or Current Timesheet. Try it out for yourself!
  • In the latest release, we introduced "Today's Tasks." This is a simple way to see Payroll, Timekeeping, and HR activities that are on your "To Do" list.