What if I forget this new password?

Same as before, click the "Problems Logging In" link on the login page and follow the instructions. Contact your manager or payroll administrator if you continue to have problems.

What if I get a new cell number? What if I've lost my cell phone?

You'll need to ask your payroll administrator to 'clear' your Multi-factor Authentication settings. Then, the next time you login to the system from an internet connected computer, you'll go through setting up your phone number(s)/email where you want to receive your Multi-factor Authentication codes.

Will I need this verification code every time I login to my account from my computer?

No, so long as that computer is a 'trusted device' and you've logged into your account from that computer within the past 30 days. You can check the box that reads: 'By checking this box...' , when entering your verification code to set that computer as a trusted device.

What if our organization uses a 'kiosk' for the web clock and employees use that computer to login to their personal system account too?

Your Pay 'n Time representative will help you setup that/those computer(s) to be a 'trusted device(s)' so your employees will only need their username and new password when logging into their respective accounts using that computer (verification codes will not be required for logins via that computer)